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Oct 4, 2012 8:00pm EDT
any transitional government to advise his foreign policy, hopefully in consultation with the transitional democratic group. so this is really not our area, not our past, but that of a future democratic government. >> by nina cirino said, i am a student at georgetown university and my question is, have you considered the idea that, sort of the idea that accountability could cause members of the regime for individuals and groups associated with the regime to prolong power or to hold onto power for a longer period of time? have you considered the idea of certain groups and weigh that against the benefits of ending the conflict may be earlier? >> this issue has been quite sensitive because some syrians feel they want to actually bring these people who have been responsible for bloodshed and corruption to be really tried and made accountable. on the other hand, you have that pragmatic political need at the syrians have to face. so we recommend we tried to create somewhat a kind of combination of both conditional amnesty and also frustration and venting, rather than a complete deto
Oct 1, 2012 8:30pm EDT
. >> host: one of the earlier calls came up with several points. one of them spoke to foreign policy. touched a little at the beginning but how do you describe your foreign policy? how should america face or approach the world? >> guest: well, just that we shouldn't involve ourselves diplomatically. we should be the shining beacon on the hill. but our military interventions, would we're going in and determining -- we're replacing one dictator for another dictator? foreign aid is money spent on dictators in foreign governments. it's not spent on people in other countries. it's spent on propping up other governments. here we are funding funding fune insurgents in syria, and a quart of the insurgents are supposed to be al qaeda? didn't we do this in afghanistan? didn't we really ultimately bank role osama bin laden? we haven't learned anything. what we aught -- ought to have learned is military interventions make enemies to the united states of people that are affected by these. these drone strikes? yeah, we hit the target but we wipe out another quarter block. we kill tens of thousands of innoc
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2